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Dec 14, 2010

Are You Growing or Dying

Have you ever felt stuck in life? I believe that being stuck is a result of not focusing on growth. Part of life is living. That sounds kind of silly, but it is very powerful. The flow of time cannot be stopped and so if we get stuck then life will pass us by, and too many of the people I see around me are continuing down a path of stagnation.

This is probably one of the worst fears in life because it paralyzes so many and leads to the exact result that is feared. Each day we can take just one step in the right direction. Life is not a race and we do not have to get anywhere quicker than others. We just need to be a little bit further ahead today than where we were yesterday.

Eternal Progression

Now if you are a little ahead of where you were yesterday, then logically where will you be able to get to during the endless duration of time? That is a very deep philosophical question that I will not answer here, but will just allow you to ponder it for yourself right now. Of course we ebb and flow with the vicissitudes of life, but if we take a step back and look at the big picture then things start to fall into place. So go live your life to the fullest and keep growing little by little every single day!

Suggestions on Getting Unstuck

  • Read this – Continue in Patience
  • Watch this – The Process of Change
  • Set Goals – You determine your destiny so go make a really cool one!
  • Do Something – You can do anything you want today so go do something meaningful
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