Fun on BART

6 May 2010

After dropping off my car at the BART station I rode the train back into San Francisco, and apparently one of the stations had a power outage this morning and the train schedule was “derailed” for the whole city. The train was extremely crowded, but really it made me feel like I was really in a big city. So far this week I haven’t been on one train that required me to give up my seat to someone else because it was too crowded. The best part was the conductor – I’m not sure if he was truly peeved, but he was having fun voicing his thoughts. Here are some of my favorite quotes from him:

“Ladies and gentlemen I’m sorry for the crowdedness, but there was a power outage this morning and the trains couldn’t run for a little bit and well this is what you get!”

“There is a train two minutes behind me that will make all of the San Francisco stops, so if you’re going to one those do us all a favor and stay on the platform and wait for that one.”

“If you’re going to San Francisco can you get off this train and make some room for everyone else?” (This doesn’t sound funny, but it was more the way he said it.)

“If you don’t fit, you don’t ride – we’re leaving!”

“Hey there isn’t enough room for everyone on this train so please wait for the next one, my doors are closing. Hey, clear the doors, we’re already behind schedule and you’re only making it worse for everyone now get in!”

“Please clear the doors so we can get out of hear – hey you get your head out of the way.”

“Ladies and gentlemen I’m sorry that you had to start your day off like this. Just remember it’s still a beautiful day out up there so maybe that will help you forget about this bad experience.”

After getting off the train I wanted to go up to the front and thank the guy for making my day. It was definitely the most entertaining ride I had here. Most of the other conductors it seemed, spoke another language and I never knew what they were saying.

Then to top it off, as I was leaving the platform a guy said, “Pretty soon it’s going to be like China and we’ll be ‘Pushers.’

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