April Fools

1 April 2011

So tonight I decided to play a little April Fools joke. I changed my relationship status on Facebook to “engaged” seeing as how relationship status tends to draw a lot of buzz from people. Hopefully it’ll be in the top news feeds of a few people in the morning so that it can get some high billing throughout the day.

The best part is that I convinced my brother to do the same thing, so now we can compare how many of our friends bite the bait! I’m usually not big into April Fools, but hey sometimes you gotta have a little fun.

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Who is Castor

23 February 2011

When I went and saw Tron I had a naggin feeling about Castor and the inspiration behind his character. Recently the Tron page on Facebook asked the fans this question and I thought I would summarize the results.

By far the majority of people said he was patterned after David Bowie ie Labyrinth, which I tend to agree with. But here are some other ideas:

Ziggy Stardust – 2nd most popular response
Jester from DMC3
Jim Carry as Riddler
Freddie mercury
Mirovingian from The Matrix
lady gaga
Gene Wilder as Victor Frankenstien
Ruby Rodes in the 5th element
Mad Hatter
Jack Sparrow
and some others

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Go Cougars

18 December 2010

Way to Go BYU 52-24

Great Win for BYU in the New Mexico Bowl Today!

Great game! It’s a little sad that the game was here in Albuquerque and I didn’t even go, but I enjoyed watching the game on the internet (thanks ESPN3).

Bring on the INDEPENDENCE 🙂

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Who is Mitch Rapp?

16 November 2010

Or better yet, who should play Mitch Rapp?

If you don’t know who Mitch Rapp is then watch this video – Consent to Kill

Take the poll:

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Tron Legacy…

16 November 2010

I’d heard of Tron all my life (it came out the year after I was born), but I never watched it until this summer (thanks guys!) and now I’m totally stoked for the long awaited sequel. A lot of people bag on sequels because of “lack of originality” yadah yadah yadah; but in all reality the classic stories are just as good and quite often better than the new ones. I’m all for creativity, but too often in Hollywood these days that creativity takes a wrong turn.

Here’s a cool little clip that just came out as a teaser for the new movie:

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“Los Suns”???!

5 May 2010

So, I’m not going to stop being a Suns fan over this — even though I think the front office and the players are just wrong. I can’t say I disagree with the organization voicing their opinion – I just disagree with their opinion. Now I guarantee you this would be a lot more fun if they wore jerseys that said “Legally Suns” or “Suns 1070” or “ARIZONA Suns,” but I wouldn’t ever expect that from a group of elitists who are ultra-PC and sometimes clueless due to their own arrogance.

As I’ve watched this unfold I have been completely disgusted by two things:
1) The complete and total misrepresentation of what the law is, what it is intended to do, and how it will be carried out.
2) The utterly contemptible reactions that are based purely on misrepresentation.

There is a serious lack of understanding on the matter because no one is doing any research. They just hear what is being said and then spout off their opinion.

I went through the bill with a fine tooth comb and having lived in AZ for 9 years and in Mexico for 2 years, I feel like I have a good background to formulate an accurate picture of what is going on see my post on SB 1070

The only thing I have against professional sports organizations being politically active is they are almost always wrong — at least in the last 30 years. I will only tolerate the ignorant opinions for so long because at a certain point you have to stand up for your principles and reject this type of activism even if it means giving up something you enjoy participating in, such as professional sporting events. In the mean time I’ll voice my opposition to bad judgement and at some point I will become active myself in protest of such bad judgement.

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