Who is Mitch Rapp?

16 November 2010

Or better yet, who should play Mitch Rapp?

If you don’t know who Mitch Rapp is then watch this video – Consent to Kill

Take the poll:

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Tron Legacy…

16 November 2010

I’d heard of Tron all my life (it came out the year after I was born), but I never watched it until this summer (thanks guys!) and now I’m totally stoked for the long awaited sequel. A lot of people bag on sequels because of “lack of originality” yadah yadah yadah; but in all reality the classic stories are just as good and quite often better than the new ones. I’m all for creativity, but too often in Hollywood these days that creativity takes a wrong turn.

Here’s a cool little clip that just came out as a teaser for the new movie:

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Make a Wish! :)

11 November 2010

This post is dedicated to my bestest friend. I send my wishes for you success and well being across the many miles!!!

If I could make it happen I would take you sonic and cafe rio today, so maybe you can just dream about it instead.

Happy 11/11 – Make this the best 11th yet!

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